Numerology Readings and Master Number Analysis Explained

The 10 Bodies of Light Yoga Numerology is a great tool for helping you gain insight into your life and purpose. It is an ancient science which uses your birth date to compute various dimensions of your being, based on the 10 Bodies of Light Kundalini Yoga model. These insights then point out what you need to do in order to maximize your success and potential in life. The science is so powerful that a proficient reader, once having done the analysis, will often know more about the client than the client themselves!

A numerological analysis will provide you your 5 primary Master Numbers, and what Bodies of Light they indicate you need to focus on in this life in order to achieve your Highest Potential.

The Master Numbers relate to specific aspects of your life, such as your Gift, your Path, etc. The 10 Bodies of Light describe a complete human being. The reading tells you which body you need to balance in order for that aspect of your life to be perfected.

Here is a list of all the 10 Bodies of Light.

1. Soul Body: This is your very essence.

2. Negative Mind: This is your power to say NO when necessary.

3. Positive Mind: This is you ever optimistic side.

4. Neutral Mind: This is the great witnessing, yogic mind.

5. Physical Body: This is where the spiritual meets the material.

6. Arcline: This is your halo.

7. Aura: This is the power of you magnetic field or magnetism.

8. Pranic Body: This is your energetic body.

9. Subtle Body: This is the body that goes with your after you die.

10. Radiant Body: This is the divine light within you.

11. Perfected Body: This is the body that encompasses all others.

Here are the master numbers which such a reading will give you and what they mean.

1. Soul Number:

This number will tell you which body you need to balance in order to communicate effectively with your Higher Self.

2. Karma Number:

This number tells you what lessons you have been born to learn.

3. Gift Number:

This master number gives you insight into you God given skills and talents.

4. Destiny Number:

Here you learn what you have been working on through your past lives.

5. Path Number:

This is probably the most important number of all, and it tells you what your purpose in life is. What career choices are right for you, and what the Universe wants you to do in this life.

Once you have your reading and know which body of light you need to work on, Kundalini Yoga provides you with techniques to balance and heal those bodies. This is perhaps the most important aspect of transforming yourself. As knowing what to do is one thing, but having the tools to do it is another. So when getting a reading, ensure you also ask for the techniques needed to balance and integrate the bodies which the master numbers indicate.

For example a Path number of 10 would indicate the path of a warrior saint. A path which is of the very highest spiritual order. A path which enables you to march ahead, courageously and without fear. Such as that of a yoga master or great spiritual healer. But, if the radiant body is out of balance, it would need to be healed first, so that you could walk this path successfully. The technique for balancing this body would be Kundalini Yoga’s powerful Archer Pose. So by practicing this exercise you would balance this body, and thus develop the needed strength and royal courage to fulfill the purpose laid out for you by the Universe.

If you are lucky enough to find a great numerologist and master number reader, you should certainly get an analysis done. The value of having such knowledge about your inner dimensions will prove to be invaluable in helping you live your life at your maximum potential.

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