Real Alien Abductions Part 1

Real Alien Abductions Part 1

What’s it like, to be abducted by real alien creatures? Why do aliens, like the Greys, abduct us humans? Are their motivations sinister or benevolent? Do they leave evidence like implants and scoop marks? Have certain alien races established a long-term interbreeding program with us…creating alien-human hybrids? Or do ALIENS ABDUCT us HUMANS just to CANNABALISE us…EAT us ‘LIVE’?

Brace yourselves for a time-tunnel ride through the most horrible subject I’ve ever researched. Interviews and testimonials of the abductees themselves. Hear the blood-curdling screams as they re-live their experiences during regression sessions.

Alien Abductees, in the past, have had to suffer these experiences alone, in silence, due to the injustice of public ridicule. But in recent years, info warrior champions, like the late Dr John E. Mack, (Professor of Psychiatry @ Harvard University), have taken abductee testimonials very seriously.

In this Part 1 of ‘Real Alien Abductions’, we slowly start to peal-back the layers. Sightings involving over 200 witnesses like Australia’s Roswell…the ‘WESTALL INCIDENT’. Then we hear from Melbourne-based alien abductee Kelly Cahill and Queensland experiencer Alex Player. There’s Oprah’s interview with John Mack, and a few of his abductee clients.

Colares, Brazil. One of most bizarre events concerning the alien abduction phenomena. Hear from their own mouths, the shocking, first hand reports, of how this small town was literally, physically attacked by aliens…some were abducted and some towns folk were even killed.

Derrel Sims the ‘Alien Hunter’ expresses his very clear feelings of anger and revenge, due to the abduction of his son, his family, friends and himself, by those little grey bastards, with big round black eyes. Being ex-CIA, he has a very scientific approach to hunting the regressive aliens (the BADIES). Fascinating stuff.

See the legendary Dr Roger Leir, performing surgery on alien abductees…removing real alien implants during live medical procedures. See the lab-test results of what the implants are made of.

This PICTURE PUZZLE PIECE No.4, is the ‘BAD NEWS’ side of this ET/Alien subject. We all have to know it. We all have to know the various ‘alien agendas’. If ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ doesn’t know there’s a BIG BAD WOLF, then we don’t know how to avoid it, confront it, fight it, arrest it or ‘KILL IT!’

Lucky we have whistle-blowers like Alex Collier and Supersoldier Rachel from You Tube ‘Bases 25’, making us aware just who the BIG BAD REPTILIANS really are…Lucky for us, their time is up.

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